Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family History

Tonight we started a new project to help us with our family history goals.  We are so lucky to have both the Brown family history and Golding family history books so we started at the beginning. I chose a few stories that I thought Paul might be interested in, and read them out loud to him.  He had a notebook and markers, and drew pictures of the stories I was telling.  When he finished his picture, I wrote one sentence describing what he drew. I think for right now we will just do direct ancestors, instead of all ancestors in the book, but maybe someday we'll get to them all.

Interesting side note: Butch Cassidy offered to buy Samuel Brown's fast horse, and Samuel turned him down.  Butch Cassidy laughed and walked away, but then a few days later the horse turned up missing.  It was never seen again. We thought that was an cool story!


  1. That is a cool story. I like that idea. I need to do some more family history

  2. That is a cool story! I need to get that book.

  3. So...I am going to do this "Days of creation" as a series of FHE's for Jocelyn. I just thought you guys might be interested. There are a few different ones for different ages. I am sticking with the 2-3 age range, since Jocelyn's barely 3. I really like the Day 1 activity for when the Lord created light. Just thought I'd pass it on!

    Just scroll down to Day 1 of creation: light and then look at the other days. Looks fun!