Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Jar

I've been very discouraged by how we are spending Sundays at our house, so tonight I decided it was time to do something about it.  After searching Pinterest, the following is a list of things I'm printing out and putting in a Sunday Jar.  I hope it helps to have a Sabbath, not just Sunday.

Please, please, please, add, add, add!

Gospel Game – 10 stepping stones, questions from scriptures, Gospel Pictures, treat at the end of 10 questions
Draw a picture
Paint a picture
Write a card or letter
Make a dessert
Family Game time
Talk a walk
Read family history
Watch a church video
Do an activity from the friend
Read the friend
Visit the temple
Learn about another country
“I am grateful for” picture or mobile….
Use play dough to make a scripture scene
Make puzzles from Friend
Memorize a scripture or article of faith
Play hangman with church words
Don’t Eat the Prophet game
Learn about a general authority
Learn about a temple
Play Book of Mormon game
Lego scriptionary: Write names of scripture heroes, put in jar, build something with legos to represent

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